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Hello! Welcome to the Ebooks Nigeria website where you can purchase or buy, publish and sell your own eBook or eBooks you are publishing for your customers and clients. Information on this is available on the Home Page of this website. There are also free eBooks to download.

Ebooks as an Indispensable Technological Innovation

In keeping with the ever-advancing technological trend in the world today, we can safely predict that in the no-distant future eBooks, in terms of sale and popularity, will outmarket traditional print (paper-based) or brick-and-mortar books. The reasons for this sure prediction do not need Solomonic wisdom to decipher. In the first place, technological changes have been known from Adam to replace the status quo in every aspect of life and human endeavour. Consequently, nothing whatsoever can stand in the path of this hurricane-like eBook revolution.

Portability of Ebooks

In the case of eBooks, it goes beyond the mere fact of change: eBooks have numerous advantages over print books. One of these obvious advantages is their unparalleled versatility. They are so portable that thousands or even millions of eBooks can be stored on an electronic reading device: smartphones, computer tablets, other PDAs, and laptops. With eBooks you no longer bother about the weight of your books when you plan the next vacation, academic trip, or your return to school. Beyond these, you are able to go about with your entire library of books of all types, including audio books.

Durability and Versatility of Ebooks

Ebooks Nigeria: Purchase, Sell Publish Nigerian Ebooks, Download Free EbooksHow many times have we witnessed the destruction of treasured physical books and other properties by water, fire, storm, earthquakes, and other natural disasters? But eBooks are beyond such destruction. Even if a device storing them is destroyed, the entire library is safe in your account. So, your digital books are always there whenever you need them. What about readability access? Modern electronic books are more user-friendly than print books. For instance, you can adjust the type and size of fonts, colour, spacing, etc. in eBooks to enjoy the best reading experience. In this way, you minimise or even eliminate staining your eyes while reading. This added comfort contributes to the benefit you derive from reading, as it helps your concentration. Ebooks also eliminate the grave problems of destruction of trees, deforestation, and other ecological and environmental problems associated with the production of paper for print books. Wow! It is simply amazing!

Embrace the Ebook Revolution in Nigeria

Join the eBook revolution today in Nigeria and worldwide and buy eBooks published by Nigerian and international authors and publishers, sell, and publish your Nigerian eBooks through this website. Thank you so much for visiting this website.


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